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Status and value can make or break your negotiation.

You can boost your status and value almost overnight. Some factors mean more for big business, some for small business, and some for individuals, but many status and value multipliers apply to everyone to some degree.
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We are all about multiplying status and value fast.

  • Want to know about investments we make that financial advisors hide from you?
  • Did you know operating your life as a business may be your best investment?
  • How about positioning yourself as a start-up investor?
  • Even a small business should have an impressive board and network to multiply value.
  • Delegate lower value tasks to allow CEO to work on the business instead of in the business.
  • Establish corporate vision and have and execute a plan tied to it.
  • Make sure resources are properly staged and controlled to execute plan.
  • Proper internal and external communication is critical.
  • Proper channels of distribution may be your best value multiplier.
  • Think systems of operation throughout, and back up with documentation, training, and support.
  • Have you considered licensing or franchising your business?
  • The mere use of these and other measures can vastly increase value, even if not fully implemented.

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