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Vevstad Enterprises are all about high value enterprise structuring. Our advisory services advocate working backwards from a high value result, and making sure each step backwards is a highly achievable objective from a resource and obstacle perspective. In addition, each new step backwards is tested in relation to all forwards steps already covered for internal consistency. This interactive process leads to an implementation-ready plan or blue-print far superior to traditional forward-looking plans and projections, which tend to miss important obstacles and opportunities, and are more akin to tunnel vision.

When this approach is combined with our 7circumstances methodology, which is derived from the Greek and Roman oratory tradition, as well as from the legal and theological foundations, it solidifies the strategies and tactics proposed, making the resulting plan more certain, and hence more valuable.

When, in addition, this approach is used when we more actively participate in certain projects or enterprises, we are in a position to ensure the correct implementation of our advice, further increasing the value of the project or enterprise.